Thursday, August 6, 2015

Reality: Your Arguments Just Won't Fly with Me

I live everyday of my life with a person who was not planned by his birthmother.  I raise, love, discipline, and watch one of these people grow every single day of my life.  I have signed my name to court documents saying that I will continue to do this until he is of legal age (and probably much longer).

So, when you sit behind the safety of your computer screen and share edited facts about how "only 3% of Planned Parenthood's work is abortions," you just simply cannot understand me.

Your arguments just won't fly with me.

My son could have easily been part of that 3% (or hundreds of thousands of babies), and your argument would be, "Yeah, that was his birthmother's choice, but she could have chosen an abortion, too."  Some of you follow that up with, "I am glad she didn't, but it was her choice to make."

I don't curse, but if I did, it would be right here...

Your arguments just won't fly with me.

I mother this child because of the choice his first mother made.  And that choice was not and should never be one between "kill him or have him," but between "choose to raise him or choose the ones who raise him."

She chose to choose us, and never have I ever been so honored.  Adoption is not all rainbows and butterflies.  There is true hurt involved in all parties, but that hurt is one we feel because we love from every side.  And yes, someday my son will know his entire story and he will feel pain with that, but thanks be to God that he has been given a story to know and learn and feel.

And because he has been given that story, hundreds and probably thousands of others have been positively impacted in just his short five years.

He is not just a number - a single life in the hundreds of thousands that could have been a part of a "little" percentage to be thrown around like it is insignificant.

He is a person.
A life.

One that hurts, and loves, and gives, and takes, and sins, and repents, and obeys, and dishonors, and brings joy, and brings heartache, and laughs, and cries, and lives.

And that is why your arguments just won't ever fly with me.